Mermaids on Blue Velvet lampshade
Mermaids on Blue Velvet lampshade Mermaids on Blue Velvet lampshade
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Mermaids on Blue Velvet lampshade

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Welcome to the whimsical world of Queen K lampshades!

Step into a world of magical enchantment with our Blue Mermaid Lampshade, where Victorian elegance meets whimsical fantasy. This lampshade isn't just a source of light: it's a piece of art that transforms you to a realm where mermaids reign supreme.

Against a backdrop of blue and black stripes reminiscent of Victorian decadence, twin red-headed  mermaids take centre stage. With their crowns adorned with flowers, lustrous gold wings and exposing peplum jackets their fantasy and extravagance come to life. 

But it's their playful expressions that steal the show- with tongues poked out, they invite you to share in their whimsy. In their hands, adorned with jewels, they cradle regally dressed birds, each with a precious pearl in its mouth, a testament to the treasures of the deep. 

This lampshade is an invitation to lose yourself in a magical world where luxury and mirth coexist. Let it adorn your space, casting a warm, enchanting glow that tells a tale of laughter, luxury and the magic of the extraordinary. 

Pair with our matching Blue Mermaid Cushions

 40cm diameter x 27cm height 

Handcrafted in Australia.