Pink Flamingo Body Wash - Citrus Flower (500 ml)
Pink Flamingo Body Wash - Citrus Flower (500 ml) Pink Flamingo Body Wash - Citrus Flower (500 ml)
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Pink Flamingo Body Wash - Citrus Flower (500 ml)

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A luxurious spa experience that you can have everyday.

BODY Wash - citrus flower fuses the refreshing zest of tangerine and lemon rind with the sweet floral notes of premium neroli and palmerosa oils for an entirely immersive and fresh perfume experience. An uplifting combination of scents designed to help reduce stress and tension.

Dispenses as a dense creamy lotion that immediately lathers to a fragrant foam. Made from 100% plant based ingredients to cleanse and care for your skin. Fortified with vitamin e, apricot and avocado oils to nourish and soften.


What's in it?:

D-alpha-Tocopherol (Natural Vitamin E) - considered the most effective form of Vitamin E in skin care. A natural healer it supports healthy cell growth, and prevents further skin damage.

Apricot Oil - a vitamin rich oil, that nourishes, softens and improves skin tone.

Avocado Oil - naturally rich in vitamins, protein and fatty acids, it helps to moisturise and protect your skin.

Tangerine Oil - a natural cleanser, toner and antibacterial. With a sweet-orange scent.

Neroli Oil - a potent antioxidant and antibacterial. Used in aromatherapy to help reduce stress and anxiety.


How to use:

Apply to hands or a loofa in the shower or bath. Lather and rinse thoroughly.